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Energy-Saving thin joint mortar

A new Thin Joint Mortar designed to help contractors meet U-value requirements when constructing walls using lightweight blocks is the latest addition to the TECROC Products range.

The use of TECROC Thin Joint Mortar provides significant savings in construction time due to its rapid bonding and set times. This allows walls to be built to a greater height each working day due to the improved stability of the blockwork.

The innovative formulation, developed for a leading manufacturer of lightweight blocks, allows construction of walls using a mortar joint to a width of only 3mm, compared with 10mm when using traditional sand cement mixes.

Used in conjunction with lightweight thermally-efficient blocks, TECROC Thin Joint Mortar will assist in helping to meet the requirements of the new approved Documents "L" of the building regulations, which requires that heat loss through mortar joints be taken into consideration when calculating U-value for walls.

A single-component dry mix formulation, TECROC Thin Joint Mortar is simply mixed with water in specified quantities and applied using a notched trowel to ensure continuity in joint thickness and to provide an effective "key". The mortar remains workable for up to two hours with periodic agitation.

In addition to reducing the area of mortar jointing to be taken into account when calculating U-values, TECROC Thin Joint Mortar provides increased bond strength and is less wasteful than traditional mortar construction methods.

The mortar is suitable for both internal and external leaf construction and its added strength when compared to conventional site-mixed mortar makes it ideal for loadbearing applications.

Fully compliant with prEN 1015-2, the material typically reaches a compressive strength of 3.4N/mm2 at 24 hours, rising to 18.9N/mm2 at seven days and 29N/mm2 at 28days.



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